Diary of a Wine Clubber - Day 3

Day 3 of nominating myself to post 12 wine reviews in 12 days. I’m posting this one a bit earlier because I’m planning on getting off my dick on day-time margaritas today.

I chose this wine because the first one I pulled out of the box was labelled Sunday something-a-rather so I couldn’t drink that on a Thursday, and the next one I pulled out was a 'Syrah' and I’m not ready to have to go through the same thought processes as the last bottle, so this was the third one I pulled out of the box, so fuck it. That will do me. The Obelisk Cabernet Merlot, 2019 model.

This one was super warm and lovely. If you’re a visual thinker, it was smooth like the skin of that naked black guy with the massive cock that’s been getting around the internet. He makes me think I need to re-consider my ’there’s no such thing as too big’ joke. Although I’m always up for a challenge.

So anyway, this wine goes really well with Netflix and chilling with yourself. I only had 2 glasses, which in my standard drinks is half the bottle. The bottle says it has 8.5 standards drinks in there, so I feel a bit ripped off.

Being Good Friday, I used a good splashing of this red for the Body of Christ that I’ve just popped in the slow cooker. I don’t usually like using the ‘good' wine for cooking, but I’m pretty sure it’s what Jesus would have wanted. It’s my family tradition to cook up a big feed of red meat for Good Friday. My kids don’t even like red meat, but I’m an arsehole. Well, to be fair they do like red meat, they’re just not into chewing. My daughter became a vegetarian once. She didn't factor in that pies, sausage rolls and chicken nugget food groups were still meat. I think she lasted a week. What she actually wanted to be was a processitarian. Factory made meat that comes pre-chewed.

Oh yeah, back to the wine. This one definitely felt like a more expensive drop. I’d easily pay $15 for it on special. I’ll give it a solid 8/10. I just checked my on the wine club app, and this one is $15 full price. The other 2 so far are $10 bottles. I’m a pro at cheap wine tasting already. I feel like I’m looking down on the world with my rosé coloured glasses. I wonder if I can price other things around the home by taste. Leave it with me. Its Margherita time.

(Good Friday 10th April 2020)

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